Happy Local Unlimited Data Plan

Value-Added Service Options

  • 1. Local and International SMS + IDD001 Service

  • - Service will be suspended after the prepaid amount of HK$100 is used up

  • - You can use the IDD001 long-distance voice premium service
    (please refer to the attachment for charging details)

  • - Can click to use local and international SMS services
    (local SMS $2/pc, local international SMS $3/pc)

  • - International flying line service ICF, the charge is IDD+$1/minute

  • Prepaid HK$100

  • 2. Voicemail Package

  • -The monthly fee of $38 does not provide voice mail service, and the monthly fee of $68 or more provides free voice mail

  • -Monthly fee of HK$38 or above provides free local flight line package excluding international flight line service.

  • HK$15/月




*4G 21MB is the maximum download speed. When the monthly data usage exceeds the data usage included in the service plan of the month, the data service can still be continued and the transmission speed is up to 128kbps and is not applicable to tethering and peer-to-peer (P2P). ) functions (including Bit-Torrent, etc.).

** ***If the prepaid plan exceeds the usage limit, the service will be suspended.